Hardware Design:

High-level hardware development, hardware/software co-design, partitioning, hardware compilation, rapid prototyping, high-level synthesis, optimization, formal development, modeling techniques, parallel processing.

Embedded System Design:

The design and implementation of fast, low-cost, and light embedded systems. The Integration of embedded systems within industrial applications, performance evaluation, reconfigurable computing, FPGA-based systems, PLDs, etc.

Internet of Things:

Smart cities, building management systems, fuzzy control, controlled-environment agriculture, smart homes, renewable energy utilization, sustainable engineering, etc.

Engineering Formal Methods:

Systems and software engineering, formal modeling, functional programming, concurrency, applications in engineering, formal hardware development.


Security, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, health informatics, natural language processing, multimedia processing, computer graphics, etc.

Engineering Education:

Accreditation, program development, quality assurance, assessment and evaluation frameworks, sustainability of education, STEM education.