1. Course Details

  • Level: Juniors
  • Prerequisites: Undergraduate level CSC 243 Minimum Grade of D or Undergraduate level CSC 215 Minimum Grade of D.
  • Lecture Times:  MTWRF 1:00 pm - 2:40 pm
  • Room:  Sage Hall 0G04
  • Student Study Hours Per Week: 21
  • Contact Hours Per Week: 8 1/3
  • Private Study Hours Per Week: 12 2/3
  • AY / Semester:  2004– 2005/ Summer I
  • Professor:  Dr. I. Damaj
  • Contact Details: issam_lau@idamaj.net
  • Professor's Website: http://www.idamaj.net
  • Summary of Assessment Method:  Project, Assignments, Midterm, and a Final
  • Software Packages: Java
  • Textbook: Data Structures and Other Objects Using Java (Second Edition) by Michael Main ISBN 0-201-74093-1, Softcover, 808 pages, 2003
  • Links: http://academics.idamaj.net

2. Aims of the Course:

This course presents an introduction to data abstraction and object oriented design of data structures. This course aims to increase the proficiency of students in using the basic data structures of computer science, and to increase their knowledge in object-oriented design. The topics of this course include how to specify, design, implement, test, and use structured data types. These data types include collections, lists, stacks, queues, and trees. Several very important algorithms are also included that use these data types, including searching and sorting techniques. This course presents a general knowledge of how to design, implement, and reuse code using object-oriented programming techniques.

3. Short Description:

This course is of 8 chapters divided into 5 weeks. The student should be aware of the importance of revising the material on first come first serve basis. Prerequisites of this course are CSC 215 – Computer Programming I, and CSC 243 – Intr. Object Oriented Programming. The assessment is done by a midterm (W3), design project (proposal due by W2, presentations in W5), assignments, and a final exam.

Details Topic Chapter No. Assessment
Week 1 Introduction 1
Week 1 - 2 Collection Classes 2 Project Proposal (W2)
Weeks 2 - 3 Linked Lists 3 Midterm (W4)
Week 3 Stacks 4
Week 3 Recursive Thinking 5
Week 4 Trees 6
Week 5 Heaps and Hash Tables 7
Week 5 Sorting Algorithms 8 Projects Presentations

5. Assessment of the Course

Midterm and Attendance 20%
Assignments 20%
Project (18% Value, 6% Presentation, 6% Report - Topics: Graphs, Queues, and Sorting Algorithms) 30%
Final 30%

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