1. Course Details

  • Level: III
  • Lecture Times:  MW 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Office Hours: TBA
  • Student Study Hours Per Week: 9
  • Contact Hours Per Week: 3
  • Private Study Hours Per Week: 6
  • AY / Semester:  2004 – 2005 / Spring
  • Professor:  Dr. I. Damaj
  • Contact Details: damajiw@hariricanadian.edu.lb
  • Professor's Website: http://www.idamaj.net
  • Summary of Assessment Method:  1 course project (2 phases), 4 technical reports and presentations
  • Textbook: Robotic Explorations: A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering, Fred G. Martin, MIT Media Labs, ISBN: 0-13-089568-7, Publisher: Prentice Hall, Copyright: 2001
  • Links: http://www.handyboard.com/

2. Aims of the Course:

The purpose of this course is to guide first year engineering students through a practical introduction to engineering. In this course, different areas in engineering (through robotics) will be introduced that will build different practical skills. This building process will converge into a point where students will be able to create, assemble, program, and test a simple robot. The topics addressed in this course include Robotics, Mechanics, Sensors, Control, Serial Communication, and Data Collection. This course will give the students a rich material that leads to an understanding of their following years of study.

3. Short Description:

This course is of 6 chapters divided into 15 weeks. The student should be aware of the importance of following up with the lab assistants for a successful completion of their projects. The assessment is done by submitting 4 assignments (Weeks 2, 5, 8, and 11), course project (2 phases: proposal in week 5, phase 1 completion in week 10, phase 2 and robot competition in week 14).

Details Topic Chapter No. Assessment
Week 1 Overview 0 Collect Course CD from
Mr. Wael Ghizzawi
Weeks 2 - 4 Introduction to Robotic Components
Parallel sessions by tutors:
Introduction to Handy Board By Mr. Mustafa Ghaddar
Interactive C By Mr. Mustafa Ghaddar
Sensors By Mr. Khaled Hamzeh
Programming II By Mr. Mustafa Ghaddar
1 Assignment I (W2)
Weeks 5 - 6 Introduction to Microprocessors 2 Projects Proposals (W5)
Weeks 7 Welding Sessions By Mr. Abed Hossary Assignment II (W7)
Weeks 8 - 10 Part I: Components of a Robot
Part II: Mechanics (Motors, Gears, and Mechanisms)
Week 11 - 12 Project Phase I Assignment III (W11)
Week 13 Assembly Language 4 Projects Phase II Proposals (W13)
Weeks 14 - 15 Final Projects Presentations and Robot Competition

*The course material is prepared by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Saleh Chehadeh, Dr. Rached Zantout, and Dr. Issam Damaj.

5. Assessment of the Course

Assignments 40%
Project Phase I %20%
Project Phase II and Robot Competition 40%

Academic Year 2004 - 2005

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